Great Design Start with Detail & Passion

The exotic Balinese culture, the ethics of every scratch of art in our sorrounding, have passed through years in our blood. It became our fuel to materialize our passion to every piece we work on and thus make great details in our crafts.

The Craftman's Weapon Tools to support the Skill, Creativity and Passion

The power of our craftmen skill will be in waste if we don't provide the right tools to equip. To support their skill, creativity and passion, we make sure to also equip every artisan with our best tools and work environment.

Process The Jewelry Handle the Best Quality of Silver with Care

Leo Silver products are made from best quality of Silver. We use the best quality of Sterling 925 silver for our standard for every silver jewelry we produce. We also control every step of production, to make sure the jewelry became the best product.

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